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The fact is that a lot of folks will go out and indulge in some fancy camera gear around the holidays when the shopping bug bites them hard. And consequently within a few weeks, they forget about the aforesaid fancy gear as soon as the novelty wears off. You can hardly blame them – I mean those camera manuals are about as interesting as the ingredient lists on the back of a juice box. ISO who??? Still, there isn’t any reason to resort to smartphones and instagram and chalk it up to the photographic wizardry on those devices the reason behind your pictures. To take great photos, you need the camera and some real one-on-one training. You’re golden because you already have one of those things covered.

Here’s the second piece:

One-On-One Mentoring with Hubert and Alka

Here’s what we promise: Learn what you want, whenever you want. It’s a session where you are at liberty to ask tons of questions. And because we only engage in sessions with one or max two people, you will have our full attention. Nothing kills motivation faster than being bypassed on a round of questions in a large group of people or getting images photo bombed because another attendee sidestepped and got in your shot. Stray cutoff arms and legs don’t quite make for good photos.

So, really it’s just you, us and our combined gear.


Contact us today to reserve your spot in one of the three following courses:



Photography 101

At our Shelton CT Studio - $395
At any CT location – $595

Come spend an afternoon with us! We’ll teach you about the basic features on your camera and what you need to do with them to capture fabulous images. No more shooting in the ‘Auto’ mode because quite frankly, that’s all you know right now. Plus, it doesn’t always work and yield great photos which you might have also discovered by now. And finally, we know the best way to learn is to actually practice so we’ll put to immediate use some of the tips you’ll learn. We’ll have a mini shoot along with the fun, fast paced in depth course that will hugely impact your ability to capture those amazing moments that are happening in your life now.

Some things we will cover include:

• ISO, shutter speeds and aperture and other photography gibberish – what they are and how each setting affects your images.
• You and your camera – how to get fabulous photos without any additional equipment.
• The dreaded low light situation – how to make it work and capture that moment.
• Flash – how to use flash properly.
• Camera Settings – what do those interesting signs and abbreviations means.
• Practical Use – let’s put it all into action!



Mommy or/and Daddy Time

At our Shelton CT Studio - $495
At any CT location – $695

Includes Photography 101 Plus:

The moment your little one starts giving you a toothless smile, you’re tempted to capture every single precious moment as it happens. That goes well past the first soccer practice and Halloween costume to their Prom/Ring Dance. As parents of a little one, we get it. So when you do want to whip out your camera to record those everyday details and milestones, you’ll be ready once we go over some specific dos and don’ts, in-home lighting, proper framing, etc. We’ll show you how to use your own camera and even lead you in a photo shoot of your very own kiddos. In your house. Outside at the park. Wherever you want it to be. This is a fun mentorship meant to give you the skills so you can confidently chronicle your life’s event involving these very special individuals.



Advanced Photography

At our Shelton CT Studio - $795
At any CT location – $1,045

You bought your first serious camera – now what? This workshop is aimed at those individuals who are looking to land into the professional wedding photography world. Let’s aim this course at taking your skills to the next level so you can add on to the fundamentals of photography you already know and walk out with something remarkable. We’ll cover the resources necessary to create compelling images as well as the important tools you need to start and run your business. Successfully!

It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to this or already established but dissatisfied with the direction your business is heading in. Let’s get together and take it to the next level. We’ll cover the topics below:

• Advance lighting: Strobe Lighting, ON and Off camera flash, Umbrella/Softbox and much more.
• Software: Learning about Lightroom and/or Photoshop and/or Dreamweaver.
• Photographic Techniques: Image Compostion, Exposure, White Balance.
• Business Basics: Advertising, Pricing, Client Meeting, Website Design, Vendors, Music.


If you are interested in participating in one of the the three workshops offered above, reach out to us via email at info@hk-photography.com or call us directly at 203.906.7722. Don't forget to mention what session you are interested in. We will also send out a questionnaire before any the class so that YOU TELL US what you want to learn!

*Current workshop services and pricing is available until end of December 2014.

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