Austin & John | The Gershon Fox Room | Hartford CT Wedding Photography
10.05.12 | WEDDING

It's about family. It's about frantically delivering the cake topper last minute before the wedding. It's about writing letters to each other with the promise they will be opened 5 years down the road. It's all about the smiles and laughter exchanged between friends and family. It's about having your baby a.k.a. Sierra be a part of your day. Bottom line is, it's all about those little moments of love that came together for Austin and John on their big day. 

It was beautiful, emotional, and full of loving moments. We could have had this day go on and never get tired of capturing their ginormous smiles. From the moment we arrived, the funny thing is that it's usually us trying to ease in and blend right into the wedding day, but for Austin and John, it was all about welcoming us with wide, open arms. They truly are some of the most amazing folks we've ever met.  and it was a pure pleasure in being part of their day. All in all, I know we say this a lot, but really, this was a tough one to chop down!

Austin and John - thank-you both for such a magnificent day! We couldn't have asked for anything more perfect!


Some fine details of the day and the who’s and who of how it came together:

Photography: Hubert & Alka
Ceremony: The Gershon Fox Room
Reception: The Gershon Fox Room
Portrait Locations: Hartford City Hall and Hartford CT
Florist: Azalea Floral Design
Makeup/Hair: Salon Naomi
Band: LocoMotion
Videographer: Rachel and Ben Marcus


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