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01.07.11 | WEDDING

Sometimes it’s all about the details and comfort. You know, the little things that catch your eye – the shawls, the name cards, the individually placed pine cones, or the chocolate candies in fancy little dishes.  Carrie and Nate left nothing to be desired on their wedding day when it came to showing their love for the family and friends gathered. Each detail was placed with the thoughtfulness and a sweet gesture that took into account that they were happy to do everything to make it a special day for all who were coming. It was a part of their welcome. Even though, the day was really all about them.

After spending an afternoon with them, it’s easy to see why. On our engagement session, Carrie and Nate had thoughtfully brought along bottles of water for each of us in case we might get thirsty. The smallest thing, but it was easy to see how they cared about everyone – even strangers! And it easily translated into little touches of themselves on the wedding day.

On a gorgeous fall day, we were lucky to join in with two amazing folks and their families. Watching them take their vows, laugh through the toasts, and finally dance away, it was easy to feel a part of the day and share in their moments.

Carrie and Nate –thank you both for such a magical day!


Some fine details of the day and the who’s and who of how it came together:

Ceremony: Lord Thompson Manor
Reception: Lord Thompson Manor
Portrait Locations:Lord Thompson Manor
Dress: Casa Blanca 1994
Makeup/Hair: The Cottage House
Florist: Lord Thompson Manor - Jackie
DJ: Kirk Rosemond
Wedding Coordinator: Lord Thompson Manor - Jackie

Lord Thompson Manor

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