Webb Barn | Wethersfield: Theresa + Christian

Theresa and Christian's wedding day was all smiles. Literally. The entire day was a flurry of activities, prep, last minute final touches, meet and greets, and of course it was all done between smiles! A gorgeous early summer day and to cap everything - amazing families and friends! Which didn't astound us after having met Theresa and Christian earlier - two of the nicest and pleasant folks ever!

Theresa is ready and set to go!

A quick hug with Mumsy. I loved how Theresa fondly called her mom the nickname all day - you really could sense what a strong bond these two women share.

It's all done! It's often hard to capture the bride and groom looking at the camera on their way out. I mean, c'mon!, they have just gotten married, and you are the last people they will want to look at for the moment. I'm sure they'd rather look at their guests, or each other.

But here my camera lens made eye contact with Theresa - and held the gaze in time to capture Christian's reaction to her as they walked down the aisle as husband and wife!

Notice Theresa's niece. ADORABLE, yes we know! Now look at Christian's boutonniere. Going, going, GONE!

Love their smiles!

Cars make it cool. Especially classic cars - check it out!

Guys being guys.

We decided to give the boys flower duty for a bit while the girls relaxed. When they refused to give the flowers back,

things got ugly.

Candid moments. Alka is at it again!

This shot reminds me of summer. LOVE IT!

Awesome closing for the night...the fun is just beginning!


Yale | New Haven: Kate + Mike

This session with Kate and Mike was all about exploration. I have never really looked at New Haven as astutely as I did that day, which allowed me to develop a different perspective on what I was looking to capture and come up with what follows below...

It's all about geometry here...and loving angles.

A shy moment.

I wanted to steal this bike. But that wouldn't work seeing it was tied to the railing. So we went ahead and pretended it was ours anyways.

I loved Kate's shoes - ironically, they matched the handles on the bike perfectly!

We ended with a carousel ride! OK! Not really - but who cares, right? It's all about having fun!

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Villa Barone Hilltop Manor: Jennifer + Anthony

Jennifer and Anthony's big day started off at the beautiful and grand Villa Barone Manor in Mahopac, New York. It was a temperamental day with rain threatening to come down any second, but luckily for us, it held off! And we were able to get some fantastic shots!

Alka works her best on the guy's boutonniere - after so many weddings, she's become quite skilled in the art of pinning boutonnieres.

A quick toast before the ceremony!

Jen's AMAZING dress + BEAUTIFUL flowers = CAPTIVATING details. Period.

Gorgeous lighting.

Sweet and simple moments like these make your wedding day complete.

And the party begins!

Jennifer strutting her stuff here on the dance floor.

And the party continues! We loved the fantastic lighting props and laser lighting!

Lounsbury House: Carrie + Jeremy

Carrie and Jeremy's big day unfolded with action packed excitement in the form of three ceremonies, two formal sessions, a wild reception followed by some amazing Ben and Jerry's ice cream coming together in the form of one Fantastic Day!

Take a look below...

The day unfolded with an intimate ceremony between Carrie and Jeremy. It was an incredibly personal, meaningful, sweet and simple ceremony.

Some gifts offered to nature.

Fairytale beginning.

Off to get ready...!!!

We began with Jeremy. Love the 1920's classic look.

You can never have too much


Hubert's vision....

Alka's vision....

Lounsbury House makes for some amazing backdrops - both inside and out. Here the bridal party strut their stuff.

Beginning of the tea ceremoy.

We loved the placecards - what an awesome idea!!!

A coy moment.

SMASHED! This is how every party should end - surrounded or rather smothered by loved ones!


Lighthouse Point Park: Maria + Michael

Maria and Michael made a grand entrance on their super cool bike - little did they know what they were getting into

once we spotted this amazing accessory!

We started off with a little bit of slow, relaxed setting here. And what additional props do you need other than the bike of your dreams combined with the man of your life?

Time to take a ride! Hop on, baby!

Striking red accents.

This shot only took one take. Maria jumped onto exactly what we were envisioning. We love the expressions on their faces here - can't help but make you smile!

A final goodbye until we meet again!


The Candlewood Inn: Rochelle + Anthony

Rochelle and Anthony's big day started with a slow trinkle of rain opening up into a bright sunny day next to sparkling waters!

Rochelle's bouquet was an awesome collage of cream and yellow flowers in a different textures and sizes - unique and beautiful.

One last moment before crossing the threshold and heading to the Church. Do you ever wonder what the last thoughts were before taking that next step? What an immensely critical moment!

Heading out amidst the grand applause.

One last look back.

A little windy, maybe? It was all Rochelle could do to stop her dressing from becoming a parachute around her as the winds picked up later that evening. Still having a good time with Anthony trying to control it.

One of our favorites for sure. It's our interpretation of 'Dancing With the Wind.'

Happiness all around!


Welcome Summer! We hope everyone truly had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend and are up and running brand new, fresh, and energized! We jumpstarted this week by getting caught up on our previous weddings --- here are some of the highlights!

Fox Hill Inn Wedding: Noelle + Stephen

Peonies, peonies, and some more peonies!

We scouted around and came across a huge pile of chopped wood in Noelle's backyard. There is something really awesome about the contrast in textures here - smooth and satin shoes vs. rough and crass wood


Time to run!

But not before we get one last shot with the ladies!

A Hurrah Moment - YES! We are Married!

Alka caught this spontaneous moment while standing on the party bus.

I grabbed the pre-kiss action from behind. Yes, they are leaning in for The Kiss!

All we were trying to do here was highlight the beautiful bouquets. Little did we know that the (AMAZING) ladies would really jump on this idea.

Love it!

Some sweet moments.

Yes, we know who's the boss here.

And the party continues!


Aqua Turf Club Wedding: Jennifer + Sean

So what's the big deal about a blog anyway, right? So we assumed. Thirty seconds into a meeting with a new client who casually remarked that a photographer without a blog was 'shady' had us jumping on the blogging bandwagon within an hour of getting our hands on our laptops. Armed with a tray of caramel macchiatos, some I Love Lucy reruns in the background, and a train of creative thoughts and ideas, we pulled together THIS! And look who we find on the cover of our very first issue!

Jennifer and Sean's wedding was about a month ago. Amazing folks. Easy-going, relaxed. Not to mention Jen has the most amazing set of blue eyes.

Here is Sean sporting some major guy attitude. Can you see his groomsmen working it in the background?

We like.

Shooting in about 30 degrees weather with a bunch of women clad in sleeveless dresses with an occasional breeze that can chill you to the core poses its own challenges during post ceremony outdoor pics. But look at these guys ---- can you tell we were turning into human icicles at this point?

No, I didn't think so.

There is something in the way Jen is laughing at what Sean said here that makes us love this shot. And seeing how Sean is looking at her.



Elizabeth Rose Park: Nicole + Brian

We met Nicole and Brian on a beautiful, sunny day ready to do some serious work. Armed and ready with some Hubert antics and a sun shield, we got down and dirty. It was an afternoon of discoveries.

First Discovery : Green

Spring has just sprung and it was obvious in all of the surroundings. Just being amidst it makes you alive and happy; somewhat like a big bear finally emerging from winter hibernation ready to take in it's hefty dose of vitamin D. Good for all of us except Alka; she came prepared with SPF 75.

Second Discovery : Nicole's amazing blue eyes. Yes, we love blue eyes.

A loving moment.

Walking around the park we became inspired to find something other than greenery. True, the beautiful spring life only helped to accent Nicole and Brian's favorite color in their clothing, which you guessed it!, Brown - but it was time for some change -

The raw setting here from the scratched doors to the discolored bricks and the cracked paint offered up a great contrasting background.

And they rocked it!


The Waterview Wedding: Cami + Artie

Here we had an awesome chance to work with two people who couldn't be more happy, full of life, and easy-going. From the morning start-up until the party ended late into the night, these two kept moving and shaking throughout their special day!

Love how Cami's little sister gazes on in the background transfixed as her older sister completes the final details of the getting ready process.

Such a sweet moment.

Before Cami headed out to see Artie, she paused at the window to peak out. Perfect moment to capture this moment in time. Every flower tells a story in its own way about a bride. So what do yellow flowers say?

Another soft, sweet, unspoken moment. I'd like to compare this to an old romantic Bollywood movie where the bride-to-be anxiously waits for her hubby-to-be with new excitement, hopes, and dreams bubbling inside. Sappy, yes I know.

The cake looked so yummy!


Lighthouse Point Park: Katie + Brad

What can we say about Katie and Brad? Katie really can get it going when the camera starts clicking. And Brad --- well Brad doesn't like to 'get it going' quite as much as Katie once we start clicking. But hey! - before you start jumping to unfound conclusions, take a peak below. Regardless of it all, one thing was apparent throughout the entire afternoon - from start to finish Brad's eyes did not waver from his lady love.

Who says we were at a beach in East Haven? Yes, we flew to the desertlands in foreign lands and back to capture this awesome shot. All in one afternoon.

Anybody up for some gigantic tires and heavy duty metal = Big Machinery?

Katie here is thinking, 'Brad even though you think you rule, I know better. Hehehe.' Yes, the silent chuckle is apparent.


Edgerton Park: Theresa + Christian

The day unfolded like another extraordinary day: great couple, excellent equipment, good lighting, and my creative train of ideas awakened from winter hibernation. And then an external element joined us whom we shall refer to as The Cat.

The Cat was persistent in sharing our day. He (or she) insisted on following us around everywhere, disdainfully watching out from below it's hazel eyes to gauge what this new contraption was that would make a 'PICHAK' noise every now and then (camera lens snapping, of course). And as we philandered around in our picture taking adventure, it would occasionally pause, turn around, and give us "a look" as if to inquire ever so pleasantly what was keeping us so long in getting a move as shown below. Which was kinda cute, actually.

Until The Horse joined The Cat.

Theresa and Christian - a unique visitor definitely, but what an amazing day!


Harkness Park: Brea + Jason

Unique tree makes for a super dramatic background coupled with a super intense couple. Intense into each other that is.

Happy from ear to ear.

We were moving to the beach, and then we just stumbled upon a field of endless daffodils. So we can't pick them as apparent from a 'Do Not Pick Daffodils' sign, but who says we can get fined for laying on them? So we plopped right down.

Brea and Jason - just the beginning of a fun filled day to come that we look forward to be in with you both!

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